Delayed Updates

Been a little busy of late. Moved myself down south to Melbourne. Studio set and have had a bunch of projects and life re-arrangements keeping me going no problem. It’s really great to be down here, loads of terrific people I’ve sorely missed constant company with. It’s a little bit great. New work upcoming at Beam, working hard towards. But I guess some kind’ve update would be good.

JAPAN. What can I say. Amazing and wonderful. Beautiful country with fantastic people everywhere. Too short a trip and will hopefully be back again soon. Inspired and amazed, Keiichi, Sanae, Tetsuro, Daiki, Junji and Float. You guys rule and really made my trip.

Since returning, I worked with Lawrence and Werner as part of the Liquid Architecture Festival. Lot’s of fun and the work presented itself well. Was great to have Werner out and more to come in the near future regarding the evolving nature of this work.

I got to meet and collaborate with Marco for Serial Space’s wonderful and inspired Time Machine Festival also.  Lot’s of fun and a great person to work with.

I’ll aim to have some visual documentation up in the near future. It’s been a little busy.

New solo work calls.

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