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So time for change upcoming, packing my bags current for a move south. Be enjoying you soon Melbourne town. Some additional ballad(s) reviews have come in, my thanks to Peter Lach-Newinsky for the translation on one. I’m in Brisbane this weekend (13th-15th) for another Cage dedication with Lawrence English. It’s a pretty great program in dedication of a wonderful human being. Also, look out Japan, I’ll be visiting your shores come early May. I’m playing a live version of ballad(s) come the 6th, details to come… lots!


‘Let’s imagine Wolfgang Voigt had made video the basis of his gas/lead project – and worked in a more focussed and dense way: then somthing like these six excellent pieces of this debut DVD might have resulted.
Scott Morrison from Sydney – who has already been travelling the international circuit for the last few years – creates moving three-dimensional textures and patterns that take their time in a very pleasant way using simple nature recordings (wind-ploughed meadows, rain in the dark…), montages and mirrorings, flickering cuts (including a Brakhage dedication) and narrow-band focus (including Bokeh effects). Serial, geometric, graphic meditations (no ballads!) in almost unnoticeable, softly breaking arcs which rest in the clarity of their play with natural abstraction: a strongly realised concept. The music? Simply diegetic sound expanded with drone which could, if necessary, have done without the images but only develops true power together with them. Transporting.
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