so whilst it may seem kinda slow in the sense of how i update, i work busy but the results come about somewhat at a snail pace, but below be some things in the immediate and very near future…

As of Friday the 9th of this month you can check out two works on public display at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, hopefully it’ll make you laugh some. Part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. My thanks to Lew and Larry in getting me to put some work in.

I’m also pretty super excited about to be prepping for this wonderful label. It’s a wonderful result for very much my main focus of making. more on that super soon.

i’ve also been down low in studio over last few months working on a really great project. expect some more updates super soon towards its debut and plans but for now check Lawrence and Werner as they be the super good guys i’ve been working with.

also upcoming a little ahead is more Sydney public art stuff with these crazy kids

oh my, heaps!

i’ll leave this also with two very lovely and important ladies, really superb in their respective fields. enjoy!


bec p




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