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Negative Drone

Always a treat to work with Room 40 and in particular with this treatment for Lawrence English’s new release “Cruel Optimism” A record that hits many sentiments I share and views towards how the world turns current – I guess also in saying as such – Happy New Year, let’s keep our positive and our outwards love more stronger and brighter than ever.

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Performing Cinema Brisbane

A wonderful selection of works and artists I’m showing with. Many thanks (as always) to the mighty Simone Hine and Kyle Weise for the curation into the wonderful Metro Arts in the Brisbane CBD. metrobris2016

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Villa Waldberta and Frameless Festival, Munich

Unfortunately due to a family matter I’ve had to return home to Australia and not continue with the amazing space/perspectives made available through Daniel Bürkner and Karin Zwack of the Frameless Festival and the staff of the Villa Waldberta artist residency. This also means I cannot present my new live AV show for the Frameless October event. I’m terribly disappointed in not being able to continue what was started and had been built over a near two year development. Sometimes, you need to react to whats truly important and I’m in the right place current. But I cannot thank all involved enough in a truly humbling and inspired experience. Hold those close to you closer than you usually do.


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