Villa Waldberta and Frameless Festival, Munich

Unfortunately due to a family matter I’ve had to return home to Australia and not continue with the amazing space/perspectives made available through Daniel Bürkner and Karin Zwack of the Frameless Festival and the staff of the Villa Waldberta artist residency. This also means I cannot present my new live AV show for the Frameless October event. I’m terribly disappointed in not being able to continue what was started and had been built over a near two year development. Sometimes, you need to react to whats truly important and I’m in the right place current. But I cannot thank all involved enough in a truly humbling and inspired experience. Hold those close to you closer than you usually do.


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Plume at Images Contre Nature 2016, Marseille


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Hreyfingarlaus at c3 Abbotsford

I have some stills and video showing with c3 gallery at the Abbotsford Convent. This is the first instance of work from my Iceland residency. Hrey_Web

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Tension Sketch at Kings (April 2016)

The collected Tension Sketch series 1-6 is showing as solo exhibition with Kings Artist Run through April 2016.


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